Shareholder Rights

Board of Directors recognizes the importance of respecting the shareholders’ rights. The Company shall ensure that all shareholders are treated equally and have an ability to fully exercise their basic rights, such as

the right to buy, sell or transfer shares;

the right to share in the Company’s profits;

the right to obtain sufficient relevant information through the Company's website or the website of the Stock Exchange of Thailand or by any other means;

the right to attend the shareholders’ meeting to exercise their independent voting right for each agenda

including the appointment or removal of Board members, consideration of the remuneration of the company's directors, appointment of external auditors, payment of dividends, capital increase and issuance of new shares, as well as the right to make inquiries to the Board of Directors about the Board of Directors' report and any other matters purposed to the meeting for consideration and approval, in addition to the right to propose agenda for the meeting in advance, to nominate a qualified candidate to be elected as new directors, and to participate in decision-making involving significant corporate matters.

Additionally, the Board of Directors recognizes and respects the importance of shareholders’ rights and shall not act in violation or deprivation of shareholders’ rights. The Board of Directors advocates for and establishes the policy in regard to the shareholders’ rights as follows: