Business Overview

TEKA Construction Public Company Limited (TEKA) is a construction company that offers a full range of services for the construction of large-scale buildings such as office buildings, educational buildings, shopping centers, hotels, industrial buildings and residential buildings, particularly condominiums.
TEKA provides construction services to both the government and private sectors with the scope of services ranging from:

Structure Works : pile works, concrete beam and flooring, for example.

Architecture Works : brick walls, wall decoration material, aluminum works, tile works, and covering materials for both internal and external surfaces, for example.

Mechanical and Electrical Works (M&E) : sanitary works, electrical works, air conditioning, and fire extinguishing systems, for example.

TEKA is currently serving as a project’s main contractor, and is directly and totally accountable to project owners. Construction may be carried out on its own in certain scopes, while subcontractors may be hired to execute concurrently in other scopes, whether structural works, architectural works, or mechanical and electrical works. TEKA has the professional and highly skilled team of engineers in charge closely monitoring and supervising all operational processes to ensure that our construction services are completed with accuracy, high quality, and on schedule as per the terms of the agreement.

Furthermore, TEKA has concentrated on continuous improvement of all operational procedures in order to improve its operation and service standards as well as to ensure the quality and standard construction works in delivering on time with the highest level of satisfaction to project owners. TEKA has been certified ISO9001:2015 in the quality management system for construction and engineering, which indicates the international quality of TEKA's management system.

The following are the company's construction track records over the last 5 years:
Project Name Project Owner Building Type Contract Value (Million Baht) Year of Operation
Quinn Ratchada 17 MBK Real Estate Co., Ltd. Condominium 1,128.97 2015-2016
Centric Ratchada Huaykwang SC ASSET Corporation Public Company Limited Condominium 564.95 2014-2016
Ideo Mobi Wongsawang Interchange Ananda Development Public Company Limited. Condominium 558.48 2015-2016
Skyline Rattanathibet AJ Property Development Co., Ltd. Condominium 598.13 2015-2017
Escent Rayong CPN Residence Co., Ltd. Condominium 275.70 2016-2018
Rhythm Rangnam AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited Condominium 578.04 2015-2018
Rhythm Sukhumvit 42 AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited Condominium 884.58 2014-2016
Ideo Mobi Asoke Ananda Development Public Company Limited. Condominium 783.18 2017-2018
Ideo Mobi Sukhumvit 66 Ananda Development Public Company Limited. Condominium 607.97 2017-2018
Ideo Phaholyothin Chatuchak Ananda Development Public Company Limited. Condominium 515.14 2017-2018
Mercure Ibis Bangkok Sukhumvit 24 The Erawan Group Public Company Limited Hotel 436.00 2017-20019
Ideo Sathorn Wongwienyai Ananda Development Public Company Limited. Condominium 567.29 2018-2020
Quinn Sukhumvit 101 MBK Real Estate Co., Ltd. Condominium 593.46 2018-2020